A few DIY tips you can try before calling the plumber

A few DIY tips you can try before calling the plumber

Clogged Toilet?

Is your toilet clogged? Well before rushing to the phone and calling your local plumbing company start by grabbing the plunger. Plunge a toilet with the rubber flange pulled out to get a better seal. Push in and out vigorously, keeping enough water in the bowl To cover the plunger. you’re going to want to keep few towels handy to wipe up water that splashes out.

More than 90% of all clogged toilets can be fixed using only a plunger in a little bit of strength.

Clogged walk-in shower?

Once again the place to start is with the plunger, place the plunger entirely over the drain. Then, take several sharp downward thrusts to break up any debris.

If this doesn’t remove the clog you might have to Remove the topper and scrape away any hair or soap scum that might be clogging the drain. If the drain isn’t completely clogged but is draining very slowly you might want to order a turbo snake drain off of Amazon. these little tools are great to have around the house, they will probably take care of a clogged drain 90% of the time.

Did you know the showers and baths are one of the largest consumers of utility bills? In addition to taking a shorter shower, installing a low-flow showerhead will reduce water waste.

Running toilet?

One of the most common calls That plumbers receive is also a really simple fix, it is the running toilet. more than half the time a running toilet can be associated with a flapper that is worn out. Simply replacing the flapper will usually fix the problem.

Did you know that leaky toilet waste as much as 24 gallons of water a day, that’s the equivalent of flushing the toilet more than 20 times. if you’re on City water and receive a monthly water bill you’re going to notice a huge charge for such a simple fix.

Leaky kitchen faucet?

Fixing a leaky faucet is not as hard as you might think, most of the time it can be fixed in under an hour. It’s also a lot easier than you think, even for somebody with no Plumbing skills at all. It’s time to stop putting up with that leaky, dripping faucet and fix it once and for all.

This might seem like a very daunting task, but once you learn the basics, modern faucets are fairly easy to repair. You’re only going to need a few tools such as an allen wrench to remove the handle, screwdriver, and large slip joint pliers.

All hardware stores are going to have repair kits readily available for all major brands of faucets that are on the market today. talk to one of the people working at the hardware store as it’s a good chance if they’re working in the plumbing department they might even be a retired plumber or at least a handyman or handywoman.

YouTube is a practically a Plumbing coach

For all of the everyday plumbing jobs that we discussed above, there is going to be a video available on YouTube. These videos can pretty well walk you through step-by-step on how to fix these basic plumbing problems. This is an amazing resource and it’s free, I always like to start here before starting any small project around the house.

Even if I choose to still hire a professional plumber after watching the video, I’m going to have a pretty good idea at how long it should take and how much it should cost before they start the work.


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