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Who we are:

We at are a major plumbing service located in the city. We host a steady, experienced and well-trained staff who strives to alleviate your every concern in a professional manner. We have over a decade worth of experience in installing and fixing plumbing and furnace issues. Our motto is to provide affable, efficient service to our clients and build strong relationships with them. We can provide with a wide range of services extending from installations, repair, furnace cleaning, and replacements.

Our Plumbing Services:

Emergency Plumbers in Edmonton Plumbing ServicesOur wide range of services include:

  • Plumbing: We are highly proficient in plumbing installation and repair. Our staff is experienced with all sorts of equipment and can quickly install anything you would like. Furthermore, repairs also fall into our area of expertise. Furthermore, we also stock the latest and best equipment in case a client is in need.
  • Kitchen appliances: We know how to bring the life to your kitchen. Kitchen sinks, faucets, dishwashers, and all other kitchen appliances. We are proficient with the installation of each one and also at repairing.
  • Bathroom Appliances: Need to attach a new toilet? The faucet broke or do you just want to replace it? We are the ones you need to call. Other than our pride at being the best in the city, we are honored to provide you with stock as well.
  • Gasline: Along with fixing and installing your pipes, we can do the same with your gas line. For us, it’s another day at the job.
  • Furnace repair: We are thoroughly experienced with installing, cleaning and repairing furnaces.
  • Hot water tanks: Another one of our exemplary services is hot water tank installation and repair. We also deal in tankless water heaters for those clients who wish to preserve the environment and some cash.
  • Water softeners

We offer complete services in all the areas mentioned above. This includes repair, installation, cleaning, and routine check-ups. We have a large capable staff ready to fulfill your every need. Along with offering routine check-ups, we are available for emergencies as well. We acknowledge the fact that emergencies don’t always appear during working hours, which is why we have a 24/7 hotline. Just call us whenever you’re faced with an emergency and we’ll come rushing.

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Along with our services we also sell equipment as previously mentioned. All of our stock is top of the line material from the best companies. We offer great discounts on our already great rates. We believe in customer satisfaction and recognize that a feeling of mutual trust between us and the clients should exist. Along with our great rates, we also offer great warranties. Our deals are by far the best in the city and our service is recognized as well.

How to contact us: primarily serves all of the city Edmonton. We are not relegated to any specific areas and our services are available a client needs our help. We can be contacted at 587-336-9965.

We offer the best solutions for all your plumbing problems just a call away!